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I'd love nothing more than to give your family the time and space to slow down and savor these moments.

What makes this experience so special:

I believe in being present and making memories of the small, quiet moments. This has never been more difficult to do than since becoming a mama. But this is exactly when I want to be most present. 

These connection centered sessions let you and your family slow down and savor the season you’re in. 

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It's your story

You are building such a beautiful story with your family. A story of love, sleepless nights, cuddles on the couch, belly laughs and boo boo kisses. Whatever chapter you’re writing, I want these images to help you remember exactly what that love feels like.

Collections begin at $700.

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I'd love nothing more than to give your family the time and space to slow down and savor these moments.


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frequently asked questions


How old should my baby be for a lifestyle session?

The beautiful part about lifestyle sessions is that this is totally centered around you and your family. Babies needing to be a certain age for a session (2 weeks or younger) are more for posed, studio sessions.

I traditionally photograph babies when they are between 2 and 8 weeks old. 


Do you only shoot in our home?


In all of my sessions, I want to capture your family and the season that you’re in.

A newborn session at home beautifully represents that, as you’re bringing this sweet little one home and into your family. 


Where will we be taking photos?

I let the light dictate where we will be photographing during our session.

This could mean that we’ll be in your kitchen, an office, or wherever the light leads us! It also means that your photos will showcase your sweet family in the best light. 


But my house is a mess!

Guess what? So is mine! We have children! People live in your home, and goodness, you just had a new baby. Of course your house has piles of laundry and unmade beds. It’s aok and totally expected. You will know where we’ll be shooting our session before I arrive (during our pre-session call and planning), so no need to speed clean your whole home. And, honestly, I find that a few toys or books or crayons left out can totally make an image - it’s real life in this season. That’s what we’re here to capture. 


Do you take any posed images of the baby?

During our session, I will grab images of your precious little one so we can have images of those sweet curls, eyelashes, thigh rolls, and everything that you’ll want to remember 5, 10, 20 years from now.

I do not use any props or posers during our session. These images of your baby will be natural - either you holding them or them on the bed. 

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